FOBC has contracted excellent amenities with the cruise lines for you.

                         Generous Amenities on some of our Cruises:

                     ♣ -  Ultimate Beverage Package (includes beer, alcohol wines & sodas).

                     ♦  -  Free Gratuities. (also known as service charges)

                     ♥  - Dining Package (a total of 4 or 6 Gourmet dining experiences).

                     ♠  - 250 minutes of Wi-Fi.

                     ♣ - $50 credit per cabin, per day for shore excursions.

                     -  package of 20 photos

                 please note the above are examples of amenities we have encountered in

                 the past and may vary from line to line.

          To see if any of the above amenities apply to the cruise you have chosen or are

          considering please check with John


                            CUNARD Amenities vary from $200 to $495. - check with John