The Friends of Bridge Cruises would love to have you join us,

and if you need a cabin mate see our guidelines below:


"Breaking the Ice"

If you have ever thought of taking on a cabin mate for a cruise,

whom you don't even know, you have been a bit apprehensive.  

We understand.   In fact the whole idea of rooming with someone 

you do not even know will seem uncomfortable  to many of us.

We have taken some special steps to make it easier than you

might imagine.  We have had excellent experience on each of our cruises.


This is how it works.  After you have made the decision to join us,

we will take your confidential personal profile.

Our objective is to match you with another person whose personal profile 

matches yours. We ask, smoker, non smoker, day or night person, quiet

or not so quiet, has a drink in room, doesn't have a drink in room, etc.



After we think we have a match for you, we insist that the two of you chat 

on the telephone.  Then it is up to you.  If it sounds like a match, you are 

set for your bridge cruise holiday.  If not, we will be happy to search for

another cabin mate or refund your deposit. Our goal is to assure that you are

satisfied and comfortable.  And, don't worry about bridge partners as we

encourage everyone to try out different partnerships during your cruise vacation.


Contact Information

John Grubb

is just a phone call

403 255-0831

or an email