Meet our Friends of Bridge Cruise Staff:




Ian Gibson: Bridge Director and Lecturer

I am a Gold Life Master with over 3150 Master Points. I joined the ACBL

in 1970 and within a year became a Certified Club Director. I became a

Life Master in the mid 80’s.  By the late 80’s, and for 15 years thereafter

I owned four bridge clubs in the City of Ottawa, Canada (1988 to 2003)

which I amalgamated to one Club called ‘The Bridge Connection’.  I was

honoured by Unit 192 to be nominated and accepted for the ACBL Good Will Committee for my

work in developing new players via teaching and games for their level of play.  As well as being an

accredited Teacher with the ACBL I also have had the pleasure of serving on Unit 192 and District

1 board of directors. I became and served as a Tournament Director from 1990 until 2005.  Most of

all of the above was being accomplished while I enjoying a 30-year military career in the Canadian

Armed Forces (1960 to 1990). My wife and I enjoy cruising, and have to date been on seven cruises,

four of which I had the pleasure of being responsible teaching/lecturing and running the games for

the FOBC onboard. On the last two cruises, recently completed (Apr 2016 & February 2017) one

of the games I ran was a hugely appreciated and well accepted six table individual game.



Kevin O'Brien: Bridge Director

Kevin O'Brien is the Bridge Director that you will immediately

like and will remember because of his charisma, people and

bridge skills.  Kevin is a Gold Life Master and currently

directs ACBL bridge sessions in the Washington DC area.

Additionally, he is a bridge teacher.  Before retirement Kevin

spent 38 years as a computer programmer.

You will find that Kevin and Marilyn are a great team in the bridge room.

Expect to go back to your club after the cruise and take advantage of the 

Life Masters.



Marilyn Batra: Bridge Teacher

Marilyn is first of all a "people person" which is a great asset

when imparting bridge knowledge.  Marilyn is an ACBL

accredited bridge teacher and director in Virginia where

she has successfully instructed many bridge players in all facets of the

"game we love to play".  She already has her two hour lessons ready

to present to you in a fun, easy and effective manner.  Marilyn definitely

wants you to be successful against your Life Master opponents!